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U23 Squad Time Trial Training

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning  yesterday the U23 squad participated in a time trial training session, led and guided by HCC Coach Scott Holmes. It was a 4.5 mile section of rolling road from the Lambert Arms. There where four intervals, out to Milton Common lay by and then back twice.  The riders where let off at 30 seconds intervals with coach Scott first and Will last. The times are as follows;

Interval  1

Scott- 11.30

Aiden Galvin- 13.40

Aiden- 11.37

Greg- 11.07

Will- 10.37

Interval 2

Scott- 13.03

Aiden Galvin- 16.45

Aiden- 13.09

Greg- 12.39

Will- 12.09

Interval 3

Scott- 11.25

Aiden Galvin- 14.12

Aiden- 11.58

Greg- 11.28

Will- 10.58

Interval  4

Scott- 13.17

Aiden Galvin- 20.00

Aiden- 13.40

Greg- 12.50

Will- 12.19

  This was great preparation for the Maidenhead CC Hilly TT next Sunday where all the U23 squad are riding as well as Scott. This was a great morning training with everyone getting some threshold riding completed.


North Road Hardriders TT, Sunday 23rd February

Will rode the North Road Hardriders Time Trial last Sunday. It’s a tough hilly course with 2,146 feet of climbing over 24 miles. Will finished in a time of 1:04:47 placing 20th place out of 93 riders. The event was won by Ashley Cox of Luton CC with a stunning time of 56:47. Only the top five riders rode under an hour. Will felt good until the 17th mile where the course turned South-West and turned into a headwind, this is where he lost the majority of his time.

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