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Will 2nd

Will at the start of his winning ways in 2014 after this 2nd place at MK he went on with 2  wins over the next 2 races to become a 2nd Cat.

Will 2nd at MK

Will 2nd at MK


Boys to Men Will Houghton

I met Will and his Dad Richard, at Slipstreamers when I was coaching there six years ago.  I could see immediately that he took a shine to the sport of cycling. He had already tried his hand at other sports such as rugby and rowing but had not found his passion. Will quickly progressed through Slipstreamers he then joined Hillingdon Cycling Club and I became his coach. He found the first two years challenging as he was a few years behind his competitors, but with that positive attitude of his it was only a matter time before he achieved his goals. 

Will Houghton U23 Squad

Will Houghton U23 Squad

The first real goal was the club junior 10 and 25 mile record, and you guessed it, he smashed them. The 25 by 2 minutes with a superb 56:19 and then the 10 with a 21:15.

Will Beating the 25TT Record

Will Beating the 25TT Record

For me, the real turning point was the Epson Downs 100 mile at the end of the 2013 season. That Day Will and Greg went from being boys to men.

In heavy cold rain seven team riders set off on this punishing route. Twenty miles down and we lost two riders who decided to cut their ride short.  Another team mate had a mechanical leaving Will, Greg, Ant and myself to try to battle on.

Will  powered around the course flying up Leigh hill and Box hill. Soaked through, He came across the line in front of the rest of us with that grit and determination it takes to become a quality cyclist. Luckily we used my RV that weekend, which Will loved.  We all had a hot shower followed by lentil soup and of course a few cups of tea.

Gred and Will 100m Epsom

Greg and Will 100m Epsom

From then on I knew Will had what it takes

As others fell by the way side Will went from strength to strength, getting his 3rd Cat. With some great rides like the Banbury Star road race and the Spring Chicken.  Then after Greg’s win at Milton Keynes, Will followed coming in a very close 2nd and another 2nd the following week. But Will  was not satisfied with that and in front of his family got the win a week later by breaking away with another rider leaving nothing to chance. This secured his 2nd Cat licence.

Roy Thame Winning break for Will

Roy Thame Winning break for Will

It was time to find a new team for Will, as he needed to race with like minded riders. I was approached by the RP racing team to coach the U23 squad and they were looking for a few more quality riders. The team is a real family outfit so Will and I were soon on board.

The only weakness in Will’s cycling, if you can call it a weakness, is Will was always riding and training at 110 %. His passion and determination was often very hard to control and looking at his last few training sessions he still put in too much effort to early, but as you all know that is Will.

Through his sport he was learning to control his efforts and I know like all of you he would have achieved his goal this year which was to become a 1st Cat.

On a personal note, It has been a privilege having Will in my life, we are all so proud of what he achieved throughout his life, from a boy to a wonderful young man.

I know you are looking down with those bright red cheeks, a bit embarrassed with all the fuss that we are making over you. But sorry Will, you deserve it.  You can stop knocking yourself and praising others, it’s your time to shine and boy did you shine.

Scott Holmes Friend and Coach

Will Houghton 5th Oakley RR 2015

Will Houghton 5th Oakley RR 2015



Peters Main Results

Peter Jones has had another great season with the main highlights as follows :

Winner in category of the Spring Hog Hill series.

Winner in category of the Summer Ford Dunton series. ( winner for the last three years )

Second in category of the Autumn Hog Hill series

Second in category in the TLI National Circuit Championships in Wales.

Fourth in category in the BC National Circuit Champioships at Hillingdon.

Third in category in the Regional LVRC Circuit Championships at Milton Keynes Bowl.

Peter National Champ


Sept results

Beeline RR 12th Sept 2-3 Cat  

Scott  and Greg rode this 60 mile event with plenty of climbing and fast down hill sections. It was these that un-hooked Gregory from the bunch as his junior gears got him in difficulty once again. Scott finished in the main field after a solo effort with 5 miles to go but got brought back. With the steep climb to the finish Scott could only watch as the you guns sprinted home.  

John Walker RR 6th Sept

Gregory Holmes our junior rider rode the 3-4 Cat event and finished 16th in the mass bunch sprint. Greg had an active race and went with most of the moves but it all came down to the last 300 mtrs. Gregory kicked early and was in the top 3 with 30 mtrs to go but run out of gas and had to settle for 16th.

Scott Holmes rode the E-1-2 event 87 miles. This was a fast race with an average mph of over 26. With 2 laps to go groups were going clear with Scott  getting in the 3rd one and staying clear to claim 23rd. 


Training Weekend Oct

We are planning a Training Weekend on the 17th or the 31st weekend in Oct from Oakley to Devizes. There will be a back up vehicle for all the kit and we will stay over night in Devizes at a B/B. It will be a end of season training/Social ride of around 80 miles each day

Cost will probably be around £60 Please contact Scott Holmes 07483435556



5 th For Greg at MK

With many members on there holidays August has been a quiet month.

Scott Holmes Rode the Hillingdon Masters on the 19th of August coming in 2nd just behind national champion Craig Wilson.

On August 20th at Milton Keynes Gregory Road the 3rd cat event with an excellent ride breaking away with a Zappi Rider for most of the race only to be caught with two laps to go. He still managed to finish 5th in the sprint.

Scott Holmes and Will Houghton Road E12 event with Scott breaking away and getting across to 4 Riders but the pace was just too high and he had to return back to the main after 8 Laps. Ed Clemance won the event after the group lapped the Bunch. Will had to pull out with mechanical problems.

On the 22nd August will Road E12 event at Hillingdon  he broke away with 9 other riders and they lapped the Bunch he came in 7th with a great ride.

On the 27th August Milton Keynes Will and Scott once again Road E12 event with Will riding well finishing 12th and Scott in the top 20. Greg Rode the 3rd cat events and finished 13th


Greg Holmes in Action

Will Houghton and Gregory Holmes rode the High Wycombe eveing 10 18th Aug at longwick coming in 3rd with a fast time of 21:50 Ed Clemance won the event with a 20:43


August Update

Andrew Barnes and Scott Holmes both rode the National Championship 25 TT In Marlow on Aug 2nd. Andrew did a time 58:00 beating Scott by 49 Secs. Well done Andy.

Greogory Holmes rode the 25 Junior Champs on the day before, on a testing Road Race course in Essex with a time of 1-05-27 and 20th overal.

Hilliingdon Masters 22-07-15 E-1-2-3

Andrew Scott and Peter all rode tonight with lots of attacks but in the end it all came down to a bunch sprint with Scott coming in 4th Andy 8th and Peter close behind. Paul Egan and David Barnes were also at the Circuit so we just had to go for a curry after the event.

Training Weekend Planned Oct 2nd or the 16th weekend


July Results update

National Championships at Hillingdon 13th June

Peter Jones rode the National Championships at Hillingdon and he narrowly missed out on the medals. The hot favorite Alan Forester from Wales took his title from Peter, as he attacked several times and with Peter mainly the only one shutting him down he finally got away with three younger cat riders and Peter tried so hard to catch him, but finally the elastic  broke and he stayed away to the finish. It wore Peter down having carrying out all of the chasing and when it came to the bunch sprint he was not so strong after all of the efforts he made earlier trying to chase down and he  just missed out getting the bronze by a whisker finishing 4th.

At least next year he has lots to look forward to as he will be in the older category.

Scott Holmes rode on Sunday and finished 5th missing out on the 4 man break with Craig Wilson taking the victory.

National Road Race Championships lvrc 25th June

Scott Holmes Road the National Championships today and in the first four miles manage to get across to John Tonks after 15 miles but they were joined by 3 more riders Phil Rayner, Tim Costello ,Craig Wilson. The group worked well together and manage to stay away for the whole race. With 1 lap remaining Tim Costello attacked the group and maintained a gap, His teammate Craig Wilson sat on the group with half a lap to go Craig Wilson jumped the group of 3 to bridge across to Tim Costello. Scott suffering from cramp could only help out when the cramp eased coming in 5th

1st July masters vets at Hillingdon

After a very lively race Scott Holmes managed to break clear with Colin Roshier to get across to 3 riders, they stay clear to the end and Scott won the over 50′s category.

Andrew at Peter finished high up in the Bunch.

8th July masters at Hillingdon

Another lively race with Scott Holmes attacking on various occasions with Andrew Barnes in the action an Peter up front working well. A group of riders broke clear 10 laps to go Scott attacked and managed to just about get cross fortunately he was the only over 50 in the group taking the over 50 category once again. Andrew Barnes came 8th and Peter Jones 9th in the bunch sprint.

12th July CA50 TT

On the A4 near Newbury Andrew Barnes rode his first 50 today with a fantastic time of 2 hours 1 minute 30 seconds coming in 14th in the event.  I think we found the right distance for him with this superb ride.

Our under 23 riders are also finishing in the top 20  in E123 races .

12th of July TMG Horizon road race 100 miles

Over the weekend Gregory lasted  71 miles which is the same distance as the Junior bath Road Race on the same circuit which is in  a few weeks. Scott Holmes managed to finish in the Bunch.

12th JulyAmersham sportive 100 miles

Paul Egan and Simon Williams road this sportive from Penn to Brill and back. Simon averaged 19 miles per hour and was first to cross the line. Paul Egan came in a little while later maybe 1 hour or so well done lads.


Win For Alex Jackson

Mk Bowl 11th June

Alex riding the 4th Cat event looking comfortable throughout the race and proved to strong for the 4th cats once again as he powered away for the finish with a comfortable win. Alex now with 20 points is at last a 3rd Cat. Scott and Will rode the E-1-2 event and both rode well with 6 riders breaking clear Scott sprinted in 3rd in the main group 9th overall with Will close behind. Gregory rode the 3rd Cat event and finished just behind the main group.

Masters Hillingdon E-2-3 10th June

Scott Holmes put in some big attacks and managed to stay clear for 10 Laps but the bunch reeled them back. With a 2 Laps to go Colin Rosier broke clear with another rider as the bunch eased up. They managed to just stay clear to take the victory with Scott coming in 3rd and Peter Jones 10th the in the over 50′s.  Andrew Barnes finished just behind.

Dragon Ride 7th 95 Mile

Andrew rode strong today with a superb time 5-49 and 8th in his Cat. Stuart Grimes and Paul Egan finished with a time of 6-23 well done lads.

Portsmoth RR 65 miles 6th June  2-3 Cat

U23 squad road today with coach Scott Holmes on this testing 9 mile circuit with 500 mtrs of climbing every lap. At halfway it all kicked of with the bunch splitting to pieces on a hilly section of the course. And after 4 miles of chasing Scott managed to stay with the leading 25 riders with 5 more breaking clear. Gregory Holmes was behind in a group of 10 with Will Houghton climbing of saving his legs for the next days racing. Scott finished 20th with Gregory coming in 26th in the group that was now only 4.

Masters BC RR Nationals

Scott Holmes and Andrew Barnes rode the 50+ Cat and both rode strong but an early break went of 3 riders and despite lots of efforts to forge another group the bunch stayed together.With the bunch Sprinting for 4th place Scott took 8th with Andy finishing in the main pack.

Peter Jones rode in the 65+ and returning home from holiday in the morning probably cost him the race as in the bunch sprint for the champs he cramped up to take 8th as well. So two disappointed riders but always next year ?

Also Will Houghton has been riding in the top 10 in some other E-1-2 events and knocking out 21-30′s in a few evening TT’s. Also Andrew Barnes rode a 22-30 taking over 1 min out of Paul Egan. Simon Williams is also going well riding sportive events at around 19 mph.


Season Kicks of with 2 results

March 8th
Peter Jones rode the 3 Km cyclopark circuit with its technical tight bends at Gravesend in Kent Saturday 7th March in nice dry sunny conditions and was able to get into a seven man break which included top ex professional Bob Downs. The wind played a big part in the race and with a few laps to go the break got split up with Peter managing to finish 3rd in his age category.
Roll on next Sunday when Peter rides the start of the LVRC Hog Hill Spring series.
He came in 19th after a tumble at a junction and lost over 1 min