5 th For Greg at MK

With many members on there holidays August has been a quiet month.

Scott Holmes Rode the Hillingdon Masters on the 19th of August coming in 2nd just behind national champion Craig Wilson.

On August 20th at Milton Keynes Gregory Road the 3rd cat event with an excellent ride breaking away with a Zappi Rider for most of the race only to be caught with two laps to go. He still managed to finish 5th in the sprint.

Scott Holmes and Will Houghton Road E12 event with Scott breaking away and getting across to 4 Riders but the pace was just too high and he had to return back to the main after 8 Laps. Ed Clemance won the event after the group lapped the Bunch. Will had to pull out with mechanical problems.

On the 22nd August will Road E12 event at Hillingdon  he broke away with 9 other riders and they lapped the Bunch he came in 7th with a great ride.

On the 27th August Milton Keynes Will and Scott once again Road E12 event with Will riding well finishing 12th and Scott in the top 20. Greg Rode the 3rd cat events and finished 13th


Greg Holmes in Action

Will Houghton and Gregory Holmes rode the High Wycombe eveing 10 18th Aug at longwick coming in 3rd with a fast time of 21:50 Ed Clemance won the event with a 20:43