Fab Training weekend

On a blustery wet morning 10 riders set of to Devizes with a head wind.Our first stop Wallingford for tea 20 miles through the Oxfordshire countryside luckily staying relatively dry. Chris and Ewan Holmes following in our back up Van which proved a god send for some riders over the weekend.

Next stop Aldbourn 35 miles for most of us with Greg Will and Andrew Barnes opting for the 45 Mile ride. This proved a trip to far for Andrew as the young riders mad it hard work on this rolling countryside. Aidan Galvin needed help with 5 miles to go and with heavy legs and heart had to succumb to ” the back up Van”.

The lunch stop was a little post office Café in the village with Tea Coffee scrambled eggs quickly coming out of the kitchen. Andrew came in 30 min’s later after being picked up by Chris in ”the back up Van” as he went of route.

Climbing out of the Village Andrews legs shattered from earlier efforts also succumbed to “the back up Van” and the rest of the group rode the 25 miles to Devizes in some fantastic countryside and yes the sun came out. Scott help 14yr old Max Holmes over the last 8 miles as the rest of the group upped the pace as they rode closer to Devizes.

The Bear Hotel what can I say but” brilliant” great food fad accommodation with our own dinning room with a table set for 12. After few steaks and drinks we all headed of to catch up on some sleep unless you were in Duncan and Scott’s room as they chatted about life until way past 1-30.

Team HCC Devizes 2014

Team HCC Devizes 2014

Next day sunny and warm with most of the Team wearing shorts we all set of to the tea rooms at Hungerford 25 miles. Again some stunning villages and countryside with all the team managing to avoid the Van. Next stop lunch at Streatley with some lumpy roads ahead young Aidan found it tough but managed to ride around 12 miles before “the back up Van” came to his rescue. Max still hanging in with 10 miles to go but needed the odd shove from coach Scott. Unfortunately all the cafes in Streatley were closed so it was a pint and a pork sandwich in a cosy pub but with a 45min wait.

Refuelled of we set minus Max as his wheel had lost a spoke and riding an 8 speed our spares would not fit. “One more for  ”the back up Van”.

After 6 miles Paul Egan found young Wills pace making to fast and with 20 miles to go yes you guessed it  ” the back up Van”  .

So with the Back up vehicle full to the brim it was left to Scott Holmes, Will Houghton, Greg Holmes, Peter Jones, Graham Pettit, Andrew Barnes and Duncan Sherwood to head back with a difficult cross wind completing the last 25 miles to Oakley with Greg out sprinting Peter and Graham as they attacked on the last mile. Note Scott was on the front for the last 20 miles but hay that’s racing.

A big thank you to Chris and Ewan in ” the back up Van”