Sept Results

Beeline Road Race 65 miles 2-3 Cat 21st Sept

On this 4 Lap hilly circuit it was always going to be a tough race with only around 40 riders finishing out 80. On the first lap riders like Paul Doel and Mick Fuller went out the back from Team Quest as the race climbed up from Islip. Gregory showed great strength at only 16 but on the last lap coming out of Islip like many others let that gap get bigger and came in a few mins down on the main group of 30 riders which included the experienced Scott Holmes. Gregory’s group of around 6 riders caught Colin Roshier on the last climb with Greg sprinting in ahead of his group. Scott 28th Greg 35th.


Hog Hill today 21st September

Peter rode the last of the three race autumn series at Hog Hill today 21st September and was part of a eight man break that worked well. Peter was 4th in the sprint and 3rd in his category. Last week he was second and with the first race he was third making him third overall for the series.

Hitchin Road Race 65miles 2-3 Cat 14th sept

Scott Holmes supported U23 Squad rider Gregory and helped him back to the bunch after a split in the bunch on the second lap. On the 5 th Lap 5 riders managed to hold off a small advantage and took the first 5 places with the bunch coming in close behind. Scott and Greg both finished top 30.

North Hants 25TT Bently 13th Sept

Andrew Barnes riding his new bike rode well narrowing the gap on his main rival Paul Egan with a 58:11 and Paul 57:36. Paul coming in 19 th overall and Andrew 24th.

Andy's New Bike

Andy’s New Bike

Will Houghton started University at Portsmouth last week and we all wish him the best.

“Don’t drink to much Will”