Events to Enter end of season

U23 Squad Riders

Looking at the Bc Calander there are 3 Road events that the Squad should be looking to enter as they are all 2-3-4 Cat events that you can all ride and Scott Holmes can also ride and offer full support.

14th Sept Hitchin RR —–21st Sept Beeline RR—–28th Last Chance points Grabber

On the TT side there is the Port Tolbot 25 on the R25/3L on the 7th Sept and the E2 10 TT on the 20th Sept.(But it is a ECCA event so spaces may be limited.)

Also Hull V718 on the 9th August Bridlington CC there is a W& J event as well.

I am on Holiday but on the 24th Aug V718 Hull Team Swift 10 TT and the VC10 10 TT F11/10 on the 25th Aug and on the 30th Aug Bowssard Wheelers 10TT on the F11/10 .

Also the last VC10 eve TT is on the 3oth July

In October we plan an end of Season weekend ride.


Scott Holmes