Results 13-07-14

Realteam 25TT R25L3 Neath 13-07-14

U23 Squad rider Gregory Holmes came close to the junior record over the weekend with a massive PB. His previous best on the same course last yr was 1-03-20 but today came of age beating two experienced club riders to record a fabulous 56-37 at just 16 yrs old.

Greg Holmes U23 Squad Rider

Greg Holmes U23 Squad Rider

Andrew Barnes had a better ride on this course this time with a 57-39.

Paul Egan 57-19 and Scott Holmes 54-31 both went slower than last time as the conditions were much tougher with a stiff cross wind.

After the TT Scott and Greg both went out in the mountains to enjoy a 50 mile ride.

Eve 10TT Madinhead 03/07/14

Paul Egan rode well tonight coming 5th overall with a 22-54 with 15 yr old Adrian Galvin enjoying Time Trialing with a splendid 27-17. Well Done