National Champion

The Hillingdon Cycle Club has a new National Champion !
Great win for Peter on Sunday 15th June winning the British Cycling National title in the Masters circuit race at Hillingdon in the over 65 plus category.
Peter broke away on the third lap but could not extend his 100 metre lead from the bunch as the wind was playing a big factor. He was eventually brought back by the bunch mainly by Alan Forester from Wales who is a second cat rider driving them on. Ian Cooper from the club was going well with both Peter and him doing a bit of blocking for each other.
The race became quite jumpy with Peter having to counter the moves. On the bell lap Colin Summerfield who caused Peter to crash three years ago and break his collar bone was again being a nuisance by riding very close and leaning on him on the bends. With 500 metres to go Peter managed to put Colin wide on the S bend so Colin lost his momentum going up the hill. Peter won the sprint for the line beating his fellow category riders Roger Jackerman silver and Andy Gibson Bronze. Ian Cooper did so well with a commendable 5th place in his cat.
Peter National Champ
This was a very good week for PeterĀ  and Ian as seven days earlier they rode the Masters National British Cycling Road Race at Cublington circuit near Aylesbury with Peter finishing 6th and Ian 12th in their category’s.