24th-25th May Results

24/05/14 – Farnham RC 10

Paul Egan goining well after a slow start to the season gaining a top 30 place with a fast time of 22-33 which is good for the Bently bypass.

Paul Egan 2014

Derby 25TT on the A25/11 24th

Scott Holmes rode with heavy ran at the start but after 5 miles the weather eased making the rest of the ride more fun. Many riders did not start the event but the later starters had the better conditions. Scott rolled in with a seasons best at 360 Watts with a 54-24

Banbury Star RR on Sunday 25th

U23 Riders riding the Banbury Star RR on Sunday had a mixed day as Gregory Holmes once again punctured on the last Lap which was a shame as will and Greg were both up there in the select group of around 40 riders which powered up the climb to the finish. Will managing a top 15 place with a bad cold. Ant and Aidan both rode well and enjoyed the day.